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Touring as a SW

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Touring as a SW

Elena De Luca
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I have toured as a Pro Domme for over a decade. This includes short trips, long stays, multi-city tours and Fly Me To You sessions. I have gone it alone and with friends. International and Domestic. I love traveling for work and I have learned a lot doing it over the years.

I created this class to help anyone who wants to travel for work but may have some reservations about how to best go about it. The idea of booking a tour and now making any money can be a major holdback. I can help you prevent that from happening.

In this class I will cover:

  • How to choose where & when to tour
  • Marketing plans
  • FMTYs
  • What to do when a tour fails
  • Safety
  • Logistics of getting to and being in new city
  • Where to stay
  • Where to spend and where to save money
  • All the tips and tricks I have picked up along the way

I will not be covering legalities because they vary too much by municipality. Also, that would take an entire class on it's own and I am not qualified to teach that. Always speak to a lawyer for legal advice.

This class is for SWs of all genders and orientation.

If you are not a SW, this class is not for you. This is for professionals only.

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